I played rugby once. Maybe 2 or 3 times. I think I stopped playing during year 9 when I realised I didnt like contact. Turns out this isnt great for the sport. Anyway I completely forgot about the sport as I had no reason to acknowledge it until the past few weeks when 6 nations started. Now suddenly I’m watching rubgy once a week which feels like i’m watching it 24/7. I still dont fully understand the rules now but its still fun hoping England win, then realising its the same as every sport and they dont. I’m watching rugby with my mates right now and before they came I was thinking to myself how much I know about it. I came to the conclusion I could only name 2 england rugby players. After watching a couple of games I’ve realised they both don’t even play for england, theyre welsh.

In conclusion, rugby is not as good at football